Complete Construction design process / design services

Complete Construction Architectural design services – Our Architectural design services can be tailored to suit the level of service you require.

Survey* – before we can turn your dreams into reality we will need to carry out a measured survey of your site / property to determine what we can achieve. Following the survey, existing plans and elevations will be drawn up to enable us to start designing your new space.

Conceptual Design / Feasibility Study Service – The Fun Part – Following an initial consultation between our designer and yourself we will prepare plans to suit your needs. During the design process we will consider the site context, site orientation, space relations (inner and outer spaces) and apply our creative knowledge of structure, material and light to create a space which is interesting to be in. During the design process we will create a number of options for you to determine what is right for you. Our main aim and passion is to create a space which is interesting and exciting to be in.

Planning Service** – Once you have chosen a design we will prepare planning drawings, supporting planning documentation and application forms. We will submit a planning application on your behalf and will work with the planners to produce a scheme which will satisfactorily meet local planning policies.

Building Regulations Service*** – Our designers will take your design to the next stage by producing Building Regulation drawings and documents for approval by the Local Authorities. We will fill in all the application forms and liaise directly with the Building Control Officer until approval has been achieved.

Building Control drawings will provide you with basic information on how your building is going to be built to meet statutory requirements. The detail from these drawings will enable us to provide you with more of a competitive/accurate build quote.

Detailed Design Service – The eye is in the detail - The more detailed information you have on your design the more control you will over quality and cost. Our detailed design service will ensure the original conceptual thinking/vision of our designer is achieved. (This service is included if Complete Construction are commissioned to build your project.)

Interior Design Service – The finishing Touch - Our designers will be happy to meet with you to discuss your interior design needs and to provide a professional opinion to suit the designed space. We will consult with you regarding wall colours, floor finishes and lighting.

*- specialist surveys may be required depending on the job, surveyors fees will be separate from complete construction fees

*- Specialists may have to be employed to carry out special surveys / studies to achieve planning approval, this is dependent on the job type and scale. Complete Construction will be happy to advise you and commission these studies on your behalf – . Specialist and Local Authority planning fees will be separate from Complete Construction and development Ltd fees.

***- To achieve Building Regulations approval the following specialist may be required : structural engineer, building services engineer, energy consultant, Complete Construction will be happy to commission these studies on your behalf. Specialist and Local Authority checking/inspection fees will be separate from Complete Construction fees.